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The first well drilling machine we purchased was a deep-rock hydro drill in 1978. It turned out not to work to good in this part of the country for wells, but worked good for digging post holes with an auger attached to it.

We purchased our first cable well driller in 1979 and started drilling wells successfully. It was more of a hobby at this point as both owners worked other full time jobs. We moved in 1990 following sawmill jobs.

In September 2001 we moved back to Goldendale and Schroderís Well Drilling was started in June 2003. By that time we had acquired 3 cable well drillers that were used for both well and pump work. Using the cable drillers for pump work was slow and not real handy so in 2004 we purchased a pump hoist. Drilling with a cable rig was also slow so we purchased a rotary well driller in 2005.

Now instead of weeks we can get a well done in days.  Schroderís Well Drilling can drill your well, along with install your pump at a very reasonable price. We can also trouble shoot your pump problems. Schroderís well drilling wants you, the customer to be satisfied and we will always stand behind our work. We offer free estimates and consultation on your well needs.  We also can help you in the right direction for water testing. We also have experience in specialty needed additions such as water purifiers, water filter systems and water softeners. What ever it takes we will help get the job done and done right.

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